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Dahongpao has high planting efficiency and six trees have high income

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Dahongpao planting High efficiency, high income under six trees [daily agricultural economy]

[daily agricultural economy] legend of six trees (20131115)

Wuyi Mountain is steep and mysterious. People are full of doubts about it because of its fantastic scenery.

In the mountains, there are 6 ancient trees of more than 300 years on the cliff of jiulongke, which is more than 100 meters high.

Guide: you can have a look. There are six trees on the cliff. These six trees are the treasure of Wuyi Mountain and national treasure. Do you know its name?

What's more amazing is that 18 grams of leaves on a tree have been auctioned at a sky high price of 200000 yuan. In 2007, the leaves on the tree were collected by the National Museum of history. Since then, the six trees have been the focus of local government supervision.

 Dahongpao has high planting efficiency and six trees have high income

After winning the approval of the competent authorities, we were lucky to get close to these six mysterious ancient trees.

Huang Li: hold my hand.

Chen Zecai: OK, pay attention to safety.

Huang Li: the road is so narrow. It's really a step by step. I was a little scared.

Chen Zecai: Yes, I'm fine. You should pay attention to safety.

Huang Li: the place where these trees grow is very special, especially on the hillside of the cliff. Now I look down and feel dizzy. Hold on to me. I'm here. I smell the fragrance of flowers and the leaves are very green. In fact, in addition to the danger of this place, I think these trees are very common?

Chen Zecai, director of Wuyishan tea Bureau, Fujian Province: these trees are not ordinary. They are the sacred trees in the eyes of Wuyishan people. They can bring more than 1 billion yuan of wealth to Wuyishan people every year. There are millions of tourists and calligraphers who come here to see these sacred trees every year.

Huang Li: what are these trees?

Chen Zecai, director of Wuyishan tea Bureau, Fujian Province: These are the six famous mother trees of Dahongpao both at home and abroad.

Dahongpao is a unique tea in Wuyishan. In recent years, it is famous, and its price has soared to tens of thousands yuan per kilogram or even higher, which can be called one of the most expensive tea in China.

The girl in the picture is Guan Chaoying. Thirty years ago, in order to find out the secret of Dahongpao, she came to Wuyishan from Jiangxi alone, despite the opposition of her family.

Huang Li: sister Guan, this tea garden belongs to you?

Guan Chaoying, administrator of Wuyishan Tea Research Institute: almost.

Huang Li: how many years have you been in Wuyi Mountain?

Guan Chaoying, administrator of Wuyishan Tea Research Institute: I've been married to Dahongpao for 36 years.

Huang Li: what do you think of Dahongpao?

Guan Chaoying, administrator of Wuyishan Tea Research Institute: Dahongpao here is different from other teas. It has a kind of rock rhyme.

Huang Li: Yan Yun? I don't understand?

Guan Chaoying, administrator of Wuyishan Tea Research Institute: I can't explain it clearly. I'll dig it for you.

Huang Li: where to dig?

Guan Chaoying, administrator of Wuyishan Tea Research Institute: just dig here.

There is a saying in Wuyi Mountain, a stone is a mountain. Because of the unique Danxia landform, tea trees here can only grow on rocks, so Wuyishan tea is also called rock tea. Today, the tea trees all over the mountains and fields are cultivated from the six Dahongpao mother trees by Guan Chaoying and other technicians through cutting technology.

Guan Chaoying, administrator of Wuyishan Tea Research Institute: our Dahongpao is a variety of Wuyi rock tea, and tiaoso black also belongs to oolong tea series.

Huang Li: the tea is a little bitter and astringent at the beginning, but it soon gives birth to body fluid and returns to sweetness. The mellow aroma of tea is more and more strong. But I believe that many people like me, this big red robe is clearly black, not stained with a little red, but it must be called a Dahongpao. Where is the red? What does this robe stand for?

Scene reappearance

It is said that in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, a scholar came to Beijing to take an examination and passed by Wuyi Mountain. Because of the long journey, he was very anxious and hungry. He fell ill at the foot of the mountain. Fortunately, he was found by the villagers here. The kind-hearted villagers took a leaf from the mountain forest and boiled it with water. He took it while it was hot. Soon, the scholar recovered from his illness and was able to continue to go to Beijing for the exam. A year later, the scholar returned to Wuyishan. It turned out that he went to Beijing and passed the examination of Juren. In order to repay his saving life, he went back to Wuyishan. When they learned that it was a kind of rock tea growing in the mountains that saved his life, the whole group took off the Dahongpao given by the emperor and put it on the rock tea tree for Thanksgiving. From then on, the local people called this kind of rock tea tree in the mountain as Dahongpao.

Zheng Ruping, tea taster of Wuyishan City: Dahongpao belongs to semi fermented tea. It has a stronger appearance and a more oily color. Its internal quality has many similarities with other Wuyi rock tea. After brewing, the smell of tea should be long-lasting, the taste should be clear and not vulgar, the tea soup should be clear and bright, and the taste of tea should be strong and mellow.

Tea song

Tea technician Wang Lili: Huang Li, how many more drinks?

Huang Li: listening to the tea songs and watching the scenery, it's really comfortable to taste such a cup of Dahongpao between the mountains and rivers!

Tea technician Wang Lili: Huang Li is very elegant.

Huang Li: I think your Wuyi Dahongpao is so delicious, it must be related to your beautiful natural environment.

Tea technician Wang Lili: on the one hand, the key is the production technology of Dahongpao.

Huang Li: production technology? Is there anything special?

Tea technician Wang Lili: Yes, there are many unique skills in the production of Dahongpao.

Huang Li: what are we still doing here? Go back and show me the unique skills of Dahongpao?

Tea technician Wang Lili: OK, boatman, return.

Is that right? oh The leaves have fallen to the ground.

These friends from Dalian came to Wuyishan from Northeast China to explore the production technology of Dahongpao.

Elder sister Guan: that's how you shake the green and roll.

This process is called shaking green. Fresh tea leaves through mutual friction, the edge of the leaf cell tissue because of damage and oxidation, the edge of the leaf will turn red, so as to enhance the aroma of tea.

The production technology of Dahongpao is various and complicated. But the most difficult to handle is the last process - baking. Only the burnt Dahongpao will have a more lasting and mellow fire fragrance. However, there is a great risk in baking tea leaves on the stove.

Tea planting Hu Li You'an: if you bake well, the price of tea will go up. For example, I can sell 10000 yuan a catty of tea. If you don't bake the last fire in the later stage, you will burn it and give up all your previous achievements. It's not worth anything.

Zheng Ruping is known as the first person to bake tea in Wuyishan. The original ordinary Dahongpao, after his baking, has several times the value. Therefore, he is the God of wealth in the eyes of local tea farmers.

Wuyishan tea taster Zheng Ruping: when picking charcoal, you should remove the impurities inside, tea adsorption is relatively strong. The uneven covering of ash will crack one by one, and the flame will jump up to affect the quality of the whole tea. The moisture can be baked off to meet certain requirements, which is convenient for storage. Use fire to remove the miscellaneous flavor of tea, so that its aroma and taste fixed.

The baked Dahongpao can be roughly divided into Luzhou flavor and Qingxiang. To identify the quality of tea is reflected in the aroma and taste of tea. The brewing of Dahongpao is equally exquisite. It is divided into moistening tea, warming cup, smelling tea and tasting tea. The tea tasting is divided into three cups, which corresponds to the word "product". In order to compete for the quality of tea, there was a custom of tea fighting among tea farmers in Wuyi Mountain 300 years ago.

Scene reappearance

Huang Li: stop, the ancestors 300 years ago. What can I say about you? Is it worth fighting for the quality of a tea?

Actor: I can't hurt, I can't.

Huang Li: and you, long-distance jacket. What if you come across this tea set? How expensive were tea sets 300 years ago, weren't they?

Actor: high end, high class.

Huang Li: how nice it is now. Everyone is in a good mood. Who else is fighting tea? Right?

Narrator: now we are also fighting tea.

Huang Li: ah? Fight now, fight again?

Xiao Zheng and Xiao Chen are children who grew up in the village. Now they are all big tea growers. Talk about feelings, two people do not say, but in order to win the title of tea king in the village, no one is vague.

Xiao Zheng: please help me a lot.

Xiao Chen: I don't have confidence in myself. How to sell tea? I have confidence, absolutely.

The tea evaluated is anonymous and can only be replaced by serial number. Doucha is compared to the color, aroma and taste of tea, in order to evaluate the best quality of tea. Equal amount of tea into the corresponding number of tea cup, after brewing, the first step of tea fighting is to taste the color and smell. The next step is to evaluate the taste of tea. Xiao Zheng and Xiao Chen are both nervous. The people who come here are all experts. The quality of tea is good or bad. After drinking it, you will have a result.

Synch: No. 6. Good for 6.

MC: according to the code review, No.6 tea belongs to Xiao Chen.

Tianyi village, Wuyishan City Tea planting Hu Chen dunjie: in fact, to be fair, the tea here is very good, because tea fighting activities have been increasing in recent years, and our credibility has been increasing. This is also an opportunity to promote exchanges.

MC: the quality of tea has been improved through tea fighting, so our tea has never been well-known in the market, and now Dahongpao is popular all over the world.

There are more than 1000 tea shops in Wuyishan. Dahongpao is undoubtedly the dominant variety here. A box of tea weighing 300-500g can be sold for hundreds and thousands of yuan. When consumers purchase these teas, they are often at a loss for lack of relevant professional knowledge.

Consumer: I always think that the tea is worth so much money. Sometimes I doubt it.

He Yixin is the person in charge of the largest production and distribution enterprise of Dahongpao in Wuyishan. The biggest advantage of his tea sold all over the country is that consumers can distinguish the taste and price of each tea by the color of the package.

He Yixin, chairman of Wuyishan wuyixing Tea Co., Ltd. in Fujian Province: as entrepreneurs, we should show the commonness in front of consumption and clearly consume. For example, our company clearly shows that this is a low flame work fragrance type, this is a high flame work, this is a fragrance low fire high flame as one of the big red robes. I made a rule that the price is the same across the country. Do you come for a tour and bring some back? You can choose at will. You can drink well and go back to your hometown. The price of our store there is the same, which is not very convenient.

Today, Dahongpao has gradually faded its mysterious veil, and then evolved into a tea culture. Here, no matter children or adults, are experts in tea making and tea tasting. In 2012, six Dahongpao mother trees in Wuyi Mountain have successfully bred more than 60000 mu of tea garden, with local farmers' annual income of more than 1 billion yuan.

Huang Li: people in Wuyishan often use the word "Dao Yan Yun" when they drink Dahongpao. It's the rock of rock, the rhyme of charm. What's the flavor of rock rhyme? You can't understand it until you have a drink.

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